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Lead Generation for Insurance Agencies

Unleash your firm's potential and dominate your market.

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Virtual Assistants

Transform your agency operations with our dedicated virtual assistants.

They'll efficiently handle your existing leads, new inquiries, and administrative tasks, allowing you to focus on strategic initiatives.

Choose between part-time (80 hours per month) or full-time (160 hours per month) assistance, both available at competitive rates. With a minimal 3-month commitment, you're on your way to optimizing your agency's productivity and success.

a virtual assistant working at an insurance agency

What tasks will you give your virtual assistant?

Our team are very skilled across a variety of disciplines.

There are so many tasks your VA can handle for you

Have a chat with us and discuss what skills you need.

LinkedIn Campaigns

We can operate your LinkedIn profile to generate sales leads in your area. We have systematic hybrid approach using technology for scale and our team for personality and accuracy.

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Who would you target on LinkedIn?

There are almost 1 billion professionals on LinkedIn.

Owners, presidents, HR or other titles of small, medium and large businesses. They will all need insurance at some point for thier businesses.
With so many people on LinkedIn, it's likely you can find partners to send you new clients, whether that's mortgage brokers or therapists.
We can connect you and your business profile to established, insurance professionals and those interested in perusing a career change.

Where Do You Rank Locally?

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Rank High For Your Keywords

We will help you rank in the top 3 of your local search results on Google My Business. It's essential to be found at the right time.  

Do you think people will search beyond the top 3 results? 

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Let Prospects Find & Call You

Local results are usually found by people in an immediate need for that particular service.

So you can expect spontaneous calls, online enquiries and in-person visits.  

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Local Presence, Local Authority

Rank high amongst your community and above your competitors.

Ensure you are the first port of call when they search for the service you offer.

Kind Words From Our Customers


Investment Fund

“We have been working with Leadmaker for 14 months and have found the service to be effective and the team to be responsive. With their help, we continue to build connections and most importantly leads.”

Jo Anne


“This was the missing link in our omni-channel marketing campaign. So glad that we have the opportunity to work with the team in Manila. Very Professional, Amazing Service. I can’t say enough!”


Insurance Agency

“I have been very impressed with LeadMaker’s service in connecting me to my target market. I previously tried to use some LinkedIn automation software and hiring my own VA to operate it but I ended up micromanaging the whole process. I love Mark & Brad’s ability to simplify the whole operation at the same cost I was previously spending.”


Employee Benefits

“To tell you the truth, I didn’t expect much in the first month… but since you guys started a little over a month ago, I went from 5-10 views a week on the Explainer Video featured on my profile… to over 70. I also posted an article and got almost 400 views, which is phenomenal and worth the service unto itself. All while building my network with my ideal customer base and providing a couple very good leads that I’m mid-discussion with. In other words, happy I dove in!”



“We have been working with LeadMaker for more than 4 years. Our accounting agency started with a tiny little team in a shared office when we met. Now we have grown to over 14 full time CPA’s and Accountants and I can honestly verify that the sole #1 reason for our determined growth is the SEO and LinkedIn marketing strategies deployed over those years.  We see continuous substantial growth month over month.  Best decision we ever made!”



“It took a while to come onboard the LeadMaker logic but once I jumped in, I realized very quickly that this was going to be a game-changer for our BPO business.”



“It’s been a whirlwind in the last 5 years building my MMA gym and becoming one of the top UFC martial arts studio’s in the Midwest. Kuddos to the LeadMaker team for a job well done making us #1 on Google My Business and top ranked SEO for the entire state of Kentucky. We also went from 400 followers on my LinkedIn page to over 11,000. Now I get new business every time I write and publish a new article or post. To me that is the long term value with this service.”


Network Marketing

“I didn’t realize the power of LinkedIn could be used like this until my friend David showed me what LeadMaker was doing differently. Then it dawned on me that the relationship building aspect of this program was leaps and bounds beyond anything else in the marketing world.Mostly everything else is very cold. Email blast are cold and have low open rates, impersonal text messages are cold, Ads on FB and IG are almost useless and never give any result other than more money down the drain.Personally, this is like my little hidden secret and I shouldn’t even be sharing it with you. But I promised the guys that I’d give a great testimonial if it ever worked and I’m so glad it did.”



"They do a GREAT job for a GREAT price. Completely worth what you pay for. Nothing to lose, give them a try, you won't regret it."



"Awesome! value for money Mark has generated so many leads through LinkedIn I can't keep up highly recommend."

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